Mysskin Telugu Dubbed Movies List, Hit Or Flop

Mysskin Telugu Dubbed Movies List: Kollywood is known for its versatility. Many filmmakers have contributed their skills and talent to Tamil cinema. Mysskin is one of them, and a true revolutionary filmmaker in the Tamil film industry, as well as one of the few filmmakers in India who selects the script and is well known for his Neo-noir crime thriller films.

Mysskin places little emphasis on the commercial elements that moviegoers expect, such as duet songs, heroic dialogue, cinematic fights, and so on. However, audiences enjoy watching his films in order to have a new experience.

His films are refreshing and strive to truly elevate the intelligence of the audience. Though he does not emphasise special songs or duets, music plays an important role in his films. The films “Yudham Sei,” “Anjathe,” “Onaayum Aatukuttiyum,” “Pisasu,” and “Psycho” all depict this.

Here are some of the Mysskin Telugu Dubbed Movies List that you may enjoy:

Mysskin Telugu Dubbed Movies List, Hit Or Flop

YearTamil Movie NameTelugu Dubbed Version
2006Chithiram PesuthadiRaju Bhai (Telugu Remake)
2011Yuddham Sei
2013Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum
2021Pisasu 2Pisachi 2

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