With their intriguing plot twists and characters, web series raise the bar a little higher. Tamil web series have begun to provide the best content in a variety of genres. Akash Vaani is a current Tamil web series that has become the buzz of the town.

Kavin and Reba John play the key roles in the series. Both of the lead performers received praise for their work in the web series. Several industry professionals commended the team. If you’re searching for a good love story to watch over the weekend, check out Akash Vaani on the Aha video app.

If you want to learn about the whole cast, keep reading to learn about the cast, trailer, plot, and more.

During their undergraduate years, Akash and Vaani meet and fall in love. They have a large group of friends with whom they are having the time of their lives in college.

The pair is totally over heals in love and ready to take the next step in their relationship, marriage.

Everything appeared to be going swimmingly at first, but as the days passed, reality began to sink in. They have had a miserable marriage and have decided to divorce.

They hold a reunion with their college mates at the same time. Now Akash and Vaani must put on a brave face and pretend to be the best couple they were in college. Will their lives be eternally changed as a result of their reunion? Is it possible for Akash and Vaani to reconcile? Watch Akash and Vaani on Aha for all your answers.

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Kavin, Reba Monica Raj, Deepak Paramesh, sarath ravi


 Guna Balasubramanian

OTT Release Platform

AHA Orginals

OTT Release Date

11 February 2022


Santhakumar Chakravarthy

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